No EPL broadcast deal yet signed for Indonesia

Indonesian fans of the English Premier League will no longer be able to watch games on Free-to-Air television or even through exisiting Pay-TV accounts on the countries established but limited cable television and satellite delivered systems. Instead, the games will only be able to be viewed on channels carried by Pay-TV newcomer Astro from Malaysia. "We have a business deal with EPL's rights holder and we have no authority to resell the rights to local TV stations. Everything business-wise must be in line with the contract," Vice President for Corporate Affairs at PT Direct Vision's Astro Indonesia, Halim Mahfudz, told The Jakarta Post.

Astro on Tuesday was granted the right to broadcast Premiership matches in Indonesia. Through ESPN, Star Sports, Goal TV1 and Goal TV2 channels, it will broadcast all 370 matches. "We will run most of the matches live but we will have to delay some due to parallel fixtures. We will also repeat some interesting matches for those who miss them. Our basic idea by bringing EPL into the country is to give Indonesian people access to watch the league. That's why we are also thinking about how to give Indonesians more chances to watch EPL matches through various programs, such as nonton bareng," Mahfudz said, referring to special events organized by the rights holder where groups of football fans can watch matches on a giant screen.

Local TV stations will still be able to air matches from other European leagues. Trans7, for example, will begin airing Italian league matches starting later this month. Trans7, previously TV7, had held the rights to broadcast the EPL since 2003. "We didn't take it (the EPL rights) as the price was simply too costly for us," Trans7 communications manager Anita Wulandari told the Post. "We wouldn't be able to cover the cost of buying the rights even if we sold all the advertising spots, combined with other income from sponsors."


PAKSU said…
Dont worry,

Just get crossover this issue in the net. Somehow remind me about the same issue in malaysia around 10 years ago when ASTRO purchase the EPL rights directly from London not from the Fotball Association of Malaysia (FAM). Since then no more EPL on Malaysia's terrestrial.

Dun worry, have you guys ever wonder why Mamak stalls and lots of other restaurant florish in malaysia. Thanks to ASTRO, they making it as an instrument to print money and bring customers to their premises. In the end erybody wins and when the price of ASTRO Decoder going down and almost most restaurant have ASTRO..its no longger an issue anymore.

Kuala Lumpur.