Philips technology for World Cup entry and lighting

As an Official Partner of the FIFA World Cup, Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics will play a significant role in supporting the 2006 event with world-class technology. The company is Europe's biggest and one of the world's main electronics manufacturers, with 161,500 employees in over 60 countries. It has been involved with the FIFA World Cup since 1986.

"At eight of the 12 grounds, Philips' technology will light up the action with unique color and brilliance," the company told The Korea Herald. Philips lights over half of all major sporting stadiums in the world and its Arena Vision technology is the first sports lighting system specially designed to enhance the theater and emotion of sports for everyone, whether they are in the stands or watching at home.

It also said the selected stadiums will also feature Philips' Vidiwall technology, giant video screens that capture the action in razor-sharp detail. "For fans not fortunate enough to have match tickets, the Vidiwalls will let them enjoy the next best thing - joining the atmosphere and watching the game on the large Philips screens to be installed in the public-viewing areas called Official Fan Fests in each of the host cities," the company said.

Every one of the 3.2 million tickets will incorporate an embedded Philips RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip. These tickets allow fans to pass quickly and safely through a venue's gates just by waving their ticket over the readers at the turnstile and walking through. Moreover, the unique codes on each ticket will help prevent illegal trading and make it impossible to gain entry with a counterfeit ticket, the company said.